Couplings 2000


The new generation, a logical extension and technical development within the KARASTO water and industrial hose fitting family

  • Innovative and intelligent, sophisticated and versatile
  • Exclusive to GEKA/KARASTO DBGM (German utility patent) no. 296 02 213.6

Everything revolves around …


… the 360°

axial rotating

Original KARASTO quick couplings

Original KARASTO threaded nipple with four key characteristics:

  • The ease of rotation of the hose sleeves and/or thread connections (internal and external) under pressure or suction conditions. Not suitable as a bearing for continuous operation!
  • Prevents troublesome hose twisting
  • Optimum hose protection and safety. No hazardous motion-related hose kinking
  • The even wider and more individual range of assembly options in the professional field.

You see, GEKA/KARASTO is always one innovative step ahead.

Technical characteristics (typical values):

Thermal resistance: -30°C to +100°C

Pressure resistance: max. 80 bar

Vacuum resistance: up to 9 m water column