New: The GEKA® plus watering devices soft rain – Made to last generations

GEKA® means innovation “engineered in Germany”. The watering devices from 2017 are the best example: versatile, comfortable and extremely long-lasting. They have been designed to consistently produce the highest water flow and are extremely durable. Extensive experience is combined with an intelligent design and a level of manufacturing quality that makes each and every one of our products fit to last for generations. In short: GEKA® joins and endures.

The new GEKA® plus watering devices soft rain are made almost entirely from high-quality metal inside and out. The high material and manufacturing quality makes them extremely durable – the best conditions for a decade of operation.

The new GEKA®plus watering device soft rain “comfort” offers exceptional comfort. Its high-quality robust handle valve guarantees not only comfortable handling, but also very precise dosage. The practical bayonet fitting makes changing the watering head simple and fast.

The GEKA® plus watering devices soft rain “classic” and “classic plus” have a practical ball valve and can be operated comfortably with one hand thanks to the redesigned thumb lever. A large range of watering heads rounds off the new portfolio of watering devices. In addition to the tried-and-tested products, the portfolio also includes watering heads with replaceable plate. Fast cleaning or the simple and quick insertion of another plate are thus possible.