Improved hose assembly:

GEKA® plus plug-in system for drinking water with improved hose connection

Clean drinking water cannot be taken for granted. There are some dangers that many users are not aware of.
With our certified GEKA® plus plug-in system for drinking water, you can be sure that all legal requirements are met. The system assures of its worldwide uniqueness and DVGW drinking water authorization.
Most drinking water hoses are very hard. An assembly via claw, that is very common at hose push fit connectors, becomes more complicated. Particularly hard hoses could accidentally disconnect from the hose fitting. The optimized GEKA® plus plug-in system for drinking water offers protection against this. All new ½ “and ¾” components have a modified hose connection, which also fixes particularly hard hoses easily and permanently. This means that all common drinking water hoses can be integrated with GEKA® plus plug-in systems for drinking water. The optimized system is easy to recognize by the bright red hose claws.
For professionals: For a secure and firm connection of the hard drinking water hoses with tools, new spanner flats will make the assembly even more easy. This prevents the tool from slipping or scratching and maximizes the water power transition.