Sustainability at KARASTO

The world is changing from day to day – and it is changing quickly. Climate change, demographic trends, digitisation: massive challenges, but also numerous opportunities. At KARASTO we want to embrace these challenges and opportunities through innovations for a better future and together with you make a significant contribution.


Conservation of resources:

More than 98% of all GEKA® products are made from metal. Our couplings and fittings are mostly made from brass. Brass can be fully recycled without loss – while using relatively little energy.

Secondary raw materials such as punch scrap and turnings from production, as well as old brass, are almost completely used in the manufacture of our brass products. In doing so we want to realise a closed value-added cycle where possible in our entire value-added chain.

We provide spare parts for the majority of our products, which allow our customers to repair the product and further extend the service life.


HR management:

We offer our staff flexible working hours, also where possible the option of working from home, as well as annual performance reviews. We also promote the well-being of our staff through measures such as the free provision of healthy food.


Green office:

Wherever possible we try to eliminate paper and work digitally as a “paperless office”. Thanks to OCR/EDI, order faxes are no longer required and all shipping documents are filed electronically.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, many business trips are replaced with telephone or video conferences.

All employees separate their rubbish in order to protect valuable resources and preserve the environment.

The green area of our company premises offers many benefits for saving energy. It binds fine dust, protects against extreme weather conditions, insulates in the winter and provides protection in the summer.

The heating technology of our main building operates at low emissions and is energy-efficient with the use of geothermal energy. In the cold winter months we heat the building efficiently using geothermal energy. We also cool the building in the summer using geothermal energy. We take responsibility on a daily basis.

Our logistics department implements a paperless inventory and order picking, thus saving raw materials and energy.