VX pipe clamps

  •  Brass
  • Internal thread, external thread and connection pieces (straight, angular, T-shape 90°)
  • Especially for plastic pipes (HD-PE and ND-PE) from ½” (external diameter 20 mm) to 3″ (external diameter 90 mm) 

VX applications Fast, safe, versatile!

  • In industry, in the open, in greenhouses, in domestic water systems. Quite simply anywhere PE piping systems need be installed, be it below or above ground, or for fixed or mobile installations
  • For drinking water, industrial water and many other liquid media (also highly viscous fluids), and for *gas

VX pressure and temperature resistance

  • Operating pressure max. 16 bar
  • *Gas max. 4 bar and only in conjunction with VX pipe gas sleeve for the stabilisation of the PE pipe
  • Operating temperature from -20°C to + 120°C

VX characteristics and properties

  • High quality standard
  • Perfect installation made simple
  • Resistant to heat, cold, pressure and corrosion
  • Optimal free-flow cross section
  • The patented VX pipe clamping ring (3) in conjunction with the other components of the seal guarantee that the pipe fits tightly and offers absolutely reliable protection from any self-loosening of the PE pipe, even if the PE pipe has not quite been cut to a right angle of 90°

VX installation instructions

  1. Put VX nut (2) (from size 2 1/2” VX flange) over PE pipe. Followed in sequence by VX pipe clamping ring (3), VX pressure ring (4) and VX O-ring (5).(For medium gas: simply insert VX pipe gas sleeve (6) into the PE pipe as far as it will go)
  2. Insert PE pipe with all above-mentioned seal components into the housing (1) of the VX pipe clamp connection and make sure that the PE pipe is in contact with the base area (bar).
  3. Tighten VX nut (2) (or flange). You’re done!