Interesting facts about GEKA® How we help you in marketing Behind every successful company are dedicated and committed partners like you. We use persuasive and effective marketing solutions to ensure that GEKA® products are optimally presented at your point of sale. For example, with clearly structured presentation walls with or without little EAN flags or SB cards. But also with high-quality cut cases and eye-catching signs, packaging and information flyers. All advertising materials share one thing in common: targeted and uniform address of quality-conscious customers. The comprehensive sales promotion is complemented by product-specific Internet sites and detailed product films on the web. And upon request together with you we develop an area module tailored especially to your needs for the targeted address of your customers. We look forward to hearing from you: +49 7191 3452-0 Presentation proposal: Technical changes reserved. Shelves, assortments and packaging may differ from the picture. 12 GEKA® Main Catalogue