7 Automatic irrigation You can find the appropriate two-way valve for our watering controls in chapter 4 "Push-fit system" Item no. 17.0101.8 Packaging On card PU units 2 Programmable outlets 1 Energy supply Mechanical Operating element Rotary control LCD display - Number of schedules 1 Watering start Upon actuation Watering duration 5 to 120 min Watering intervals - Detachable control panel - "Manual" function: water now, manual watering  Battery level indicator - Safe Water Stop function: Valve closes / watering stops with low battery capacity Closes after set time lapses Connection thread for water tap G3/4 (26.44 mm) and G1 (33.25 mm) Operating pressure 0.5 to 12 bar Sturdy design with cap nut and tap plug made from chrome-plated brass  Special feature / application Simple and intuitive setting and adjustment using rotary control Automatic watering stop Continuous water flow possible with "Manual" setting High-quality and sturdy components made of metal 160 GEKA® Main Catalogue Watering controls Advantage / benefit: With useful functions for automatic and water- saving watering. For use with sprinklers, driphead watering systems and sprinkler systems. The GEKA® watering controls are easy to use and install. Water timer Intuitive setting and adjustment G1 thread and adapter on G3/4