4 Push-fit system GEKA® plus two-way valves vertical with male thread for separate use of two water outlets at one water tap with male thread for individual requirement design perfect for use with GEKA® water timer and computers (17.0101.8, 17.0102.8 and 17.0103.8) thanks to adapter piece suitable for water taps G3/4 and G1 smooth-running cap nut with sturdy female thread for simple and convenient mounting at water tap infinitely adjustable water flow Adapter thread mm 24.66 24.66 Adapter thread G3/4 G3/4 Nut thread in mm 30.93 30.93 Nut thread G1 G1 Male thread in mm 2 x 26.44 2 x 26.44 Male thread 2 x G3/4 2 x G3/4 Packaging On card EAN-flag PU units 5 2 Item no. 46.0435.8 46.0435.9 GEKA® plus clamp ring set 4-piece set: contains 4 clamp rings for the GEKA® plus hose pieces for hose size 1/2“; suitable for push-fit system nickel-plated and chrome-plated Compatible with 46.0801.8, 46.0801.9, 46.0841.8, 46.0841.9 46.0701.8, 46.0701.9, 46.0741.8, 46.0741.9 46.0761.8, 46.0761.9, 46.0861.8, 46.0861.9 46.0851.8, 46.0851.9 Packaging On card Hose size 1/2“ PU units 5 Item no. 46.0804.8 GEKA® plus push-fit system Advantage / benefit: .............................................high-quality, sturdy push-fit system made of chrome-plated brass can be combined with all common push-fit systems and hose types unrivalled durability and easy to operate Area of application: ..............................................for garden, house, workshop, etc. Packaging On card PU units 5 Item no. 46.7898.8 GEKA® plus connection set For example, for connecting to the tap. The set contains all necessary connection parts: GEKA® plus tap plug G3/4 (46.0811), GEKA® plus hose piece 1/2" (46.0801), GEKA® plus hose piece with water stop 1/2" (46.0841), 1.5 m hose 1/2" GEKA® plus seal ring set 14-piece set: each with three flat seal rings for G1/2, G3/4 and G1, suitable for all tap plugs, two- and four-way valves. Five O-rings for all products with plug. Products with drinking water approval are excluded Packaging On card PU units 5 Item no. 46.7004.8 76 GEKA® Main Catalogue