Interesting facts about GEKA® The original - GEKA® plus quick coupling Compatibility Uniform claw distance for all GEKA® versions 40 mm. Lock nubs The optimised lock nubs guarantee highest possible safety and prevent automatic loosening of the coupling halves, also in coupled, depressurised state. Hose-protecting ribbed profile The ribbed profile guarantees absolute tight hose fit with conventional clamps or professional mechanical and hydraulic ferrules. "Intelligent" high-performance moulded seal ring The seal ring is optimally adapted to every prevailing vacuum or sealing level as well as pressure variation, reliably absorbs possible dangerous pressure shocks and significantly increases the vacuum and pressure range. Ergonomically shaped claws The ergonomically shaped claws offer the user maximum grip and noticeably easier connection and disconnection with minimum effort. Safety Optimal wall thickness Guarantees the required stability with high continuous loads. Smooth and largest possible through-holes Guarantees good laminar flow and high flow rate. • Unrivalled and more than 100% better performance, use and safety than any other GEKA® imitations. • GEKA® plus means a GEKA® system that has been proven for decades - combined with impressive technology of the future. Plainly, the universal coupling of the GEKA® generation for the 21st century. Approx. 100% reduced tilt angle compared to the conventional claw couplings according to GEKA® system: Significantly improves the stability of the longitudinal axis and simultaneously increases safety when connected. GEKA® plus approx. 2° Third-party product approx. 4° GEKA® plus Approx. 1900 kg claw tensile load Tilt angle compared to GEKA® system Two-claw quick coupling • Sophisticated technology • User-friendly handling • Universal application • High standard of quality GEKA® family tree Born in the KARASTO house and based on the then widespread Giersberg coupling, the predecessor of today's fire extinguisher coupling - the Storz system. GEKA® idea Easily connecting and disconnecting water hoses of different dimensions and qualities quickly and safely. 8 GEKA® Main Catalogue