Professional sprinklers


  • Quality without compromise
    You know, quality is always determined by several components:
    a carefully considered construction plus good material
    and meticulous finishing.
    All KARASTO professional sprinklers are uncompromising
    in their combination of these components, thereby guaranteeing that they will work
    in the long term, even in continuous operation.

“So you won’t lose even a drop of your precious water.”

  • Less is often more
    The perfectly coordinated sprinkler models coverthe
    entire sprinkling range from small to medium-sized.
    Among other advantages, this also means cost benefits in warehouse storage
    as a result of the limited range of models.
    Circular sprinkler (swing arm sprinkler)

For example:

  • With and without sector boundary/tripod
  • Areas of application:
    Open land (field vegetable cultivation, fruit growing, frost protection,
    sports and leisure facilities etc.)
  • Max. throw distances:
    approx. 17.5 m, 19.5 m and 24 m

Precision circular sprinkler
For example:

  • With a high-speed spray rotor for fine droplet irrigation in greenhouses or on fields
  • With a slow spray rotor for medium to coarse droplet irrigation in greenhouses
    or on fields. Suitable for frost protection sprinkling
  • With diffuser for high quality distribution; preferably on open land.
    Suitable for frost protection sprinkling.
  • Max. throw distances:
    approx. 4.5 m, 8 m and 11 m