Global innovation: The GEKA® plus plug system for drinking water hoses.

Whether it is for your mobile home or caravan, for garden fun or professional use in mobile sales vehicles: Hygienically safe drinking water is a must. GEKA®

The components can be easily connected and disconnected again with a few clicks – so that the drinking water always remains pure. The drinking water plug system is compatible with all customary push-fit systems.

Drinking water: A precious commodity.

Drinking water is our most important foodstuff and is strictly controlled. Protect water and protect your health at the same time. That’s why the German Drinking Water Ordinance, among other things, ensures that the quality of our drinking water remains optimal.

GEKA® plus plug system

GEKA® plus cleaning gun

Safe use of the GEKA® plus sealing plug.

In order to avoid dirt and obtain a high quality of drinking water, always ensure the ground is clean when installing hose and plug system.

Like this …
… and not like this.

Operators of sales vehicles or food stalls, etc., are legally obliged to use hoses and components which are certified for drinking water. All GEKA® plus water hose fittings therefore have the DVGW certificate. This way you are always on the safe side when it comes to mobile water supply.